P.Round™ is effective for crowd control P.Round™ is effective for crowd control using the minimum force:

1. Fired P.Round™ is accurate on individual targets at distances of 30 meters and can be used for area saturation at distance of 60 meters.

2. P.Round™ has fast effect on human bodies without adverse side effects. Therefore it can be widely used.

3. P.Round™ only irritates human eyes, upper respiratory tract or skin. Victims can recover within 45 – 120 minutes.

4. P.Round™ is not flammable and is safe.

5. P.Round™ uses natural chili Ingredients that has low environmental impacts.

6. P.Round™ does not corrode metals.

7. P.Round™ (Small Chili Powder) contains 2% Chili Ingredients, Silica Gel, sulfuric acid barium and dispersant.

8. P.Round™ training round price is under US$0.15.

P.Round™ to accord with characteristic of material by natural red pepper to march Asia situation for crowd control purpose.Remark: You should never be targeted at a human’s eyes, face, spire or throat.

P.Round in Real Demonstration Video:

Direct hit on Victium ** Warning, Do not follow! **


P.Round™ Specification

Caliber: 0.68 inch (17.3mm) 0.40 inch (10.9mm)

Type of ball: OC Ball (code: O-68, O-43) / Marking Ball (M-68)

Weight: cal. .68 = 3.5g / cal. .40 = 1g

Shell material: Wax, Environmental plastic OC Ball material: Composition / Information on ingredient Synonyms: Capsaicin II, capsaicinoid, red pepper extract, 2% of PAVA, noninvasive.

Fire and explosion hazard data:

Explosion data: Non-explosive (No upper or lower explosive limits)

Flash point: Non-flammable

Extinguishing media: Use extinguishing media appropriate to surrounding Fire conditions

Unusual fire and explosion hazards: None

HMIS rating: Health: 1 Flammability: 0 Reactivity: 0

Potential health effective / Exposure guidelines:

Primary routes of entry: Inhalation, Skin, Eyes

User exposure: Skin contact with powder may cause temporary acute pain And rubefacient effect

Carcinogenicity: None of the components present in this product are list by IARC, NPT, OSHA or ACGIH as a carcinogen

Exposure guidelines: PEL: 1000 ppm STEL: 1000 ppm 8 Hr.: TWA WEEL: 1000 ppm

Transportation information

DOT classification: Class 55 Hazard class: Not considered a hazardous material

Environmental impact

RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
Conclusion of SGS: Based on the performed tests on submitted sample, the
results comply with the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
and its subsequent amendment.

RoHS Directive 2005/618/EC (Amendments of RoHS Directive
Conclusion of QMSI of Jiangmen: Based on the performed tests on submitted
sample, the results comply with the RoHS
Directive 2005/618/EC.

This material does not contain any components listed under California Canadian WHMIS: Not a controlled product

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAA 40 CFR): No components are
listed as hazardous air pollutants. The
product is not made with nor does it contain
any Class 1 or Class 2 ozone depleting
substances as defined under the
amendments to the act

Clean Water Act (40 CFR 116): Not listed.
Canadian WHMIS: Not a controlled product.
CERCLA: Not a hazardous substance as referenced in 40 CFR 302.4. It is
not on the list of hazardous substances under the clean water act (40 CFR
116 and 117).